Klinika WOLMED was established in 2003. Our mission is treatment of mental health problems and alleviation of their effects. Our team is led by Sławomir Wolniak, MD, PhD, specialist psychiatrist, the Head of the Clinic. The Clinic staff is a group of dozens physicians and psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction treatment specialists, physiotherapist, pedagogue and nurses. The Clinic is located in Poland, far away from everyday hustle, close to nature, in the beautiful countryside of Dubie village, 25 km away from Bełchatów.

We treat:

  • addictions – alcohol, drugs
  • depressions
  • neurosis

We provide also:

  • alcohol detoxification
  • drug detoxification
  • psychotherapy

Klinika Wolmed offers individual inpatient therapies of depression
and addiction treatment, also for the foreign Patients.

We ensure:

Our therapies use modern treatment tools
and techniques, e.g: